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Using iWeb to author a professional website

iWeb is an HTML authoring system meant for the home. Since it comes installed on some Mac OS X (macosx) systems, and since the other iLife applications were so simple to use, I decided to use it to create my web site. As expected, I had the website up and running in a few hours. I could really focus on creating content and was not obstructed at all by the technology!

When I decided to get dynamic using what other than PHP, I simply wrote some bash scripts using sed, the (in)famous stream editor, and regular expressions to automatically post-process the web pages once they had been published. That all works at the click of a button now and I am quite happy indeed.

I do have three wishes for iWeb though, which would help with SEO (search engine optimization):
  1. Support for H1, H2 headings

  2. ALT/TITLE tags for images

  3. And leaner more effective HTML code. Currently there is too much repetition.

Posted: April 3rd 2007 01:39

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Ron Wertlen Ron Wertlen
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