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Questions to take to SEWF2011

Next week is the Social Enterprise World Forum 2011 in Johannesburg. I will be there and happy to link up.

What bothers me about VC (Venture Capital), is the “exit strategy” or simply exit. Most Venture Capital plans aim for the sale to a big multinational (notably new social enterprise funding plans, as outlined e.g. by the Young Foundation in their “Open Social” book show how this can be done differently). Some questions I take to SEWF 2011 with me are:

  • Is one not placing undue power in the hands of the multinationals through regular VC strategy?
  • Isn’t the more socially valuable exit to earn enough to buy back portions of the company from VCs, so that one can pursue and independent line, and make partnerships that don’t tie one to a particular ideology?
  • Can VC’s apply some of the social metrics (success criteria) to measure public good of the projects they support and get support from government/public bodies for this?

Ok, so you probably noticed it, I am a social entrepreneur and very concerned about ethical business practice… SEWF 2011, here we come.

By: Ron Wertlen [permalink]
Posted: March 30th 2011 07:50

TeleWeaver at SEWF2011

At this point in time, it is looking very much like Ron Wertlen is going to be giving sneak previews of TeleWeaver at the World Cafe at SEWF2011. All interested persons are invited to come by to the WorldCafe gatherings at lunch time and see what this future rural access software offers!!

By: Ron Wertlen [permalink]
Posted: March 31st 2011 07:39

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