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Creating a Hard-Disk iPhoto Archive

This is one of the pains of iPhoto, you are running out of room on your laptop harddisk, what with Boot Camp partitions, the whole office apparatus doubled (MS Office and now Open Office - coexisting for a while), development environments for XSLT, C++, Java, and the whole website managment and development thing (staging systems and DBs), there just isn't room for countless Gigabytes of photographs (and they do add up quickly).

However, one has several external Hard disks. Now, with iTunes I managed to hack the XML repository to shuffle songs wherever I want local or external, but iPhoto is very sensitive to such movements and has a more complex structure.

The solution is to use the handy burn facility, and then to convert the DVD Image using the disk utility, to a mountable DMG file. Once mounted (by double-clicking) the disk image can be accessed by iPhoto via albums as usual! Original photos, ordering etc. are all there. Further, opening the DMG file (i.e. mounting) starts iphoto automatically, with the stored albums loaded.

Now if only we could burn directly to a harddisk...
By: Ron Wertlen [permalink]
Posted: June 3rd 2007 09:03

Hackers, Common Software (Wordpress) and Niche Players (Kapenta)

There seems to be a weakness in older or current wordpress versions, which allows some nasty hackers to put their own advertising in. I noticed a while back that my pages looked wierd, and looking at the source I saw a whole lot of advertisements for viagara and other prescription medication! MY SITE HAD BEEN STEALTHILY HACKED. So I removed the offending texts, and also the entry in my footer HTML. But now the ads are back.

How terrible. I don't really know what to do (no time to fix it). I have found nothing on the Internet about the attack only other compromised sites.

The ads link to a server at yale.edu! So Yale has been hacked as well... http://som-talks.som.yale.edu/forums/images/icons/1/buy-now-online-viagra.html

This kind of thing really undermines confidence in computing and the Internet, and it is also a big plus for niche players like Kapenta. My Mac has no viruses, because it's a niche system and doesn't have the mass appeal to make virus writing for it worth while, it's also pretty well secured but there are always holes. So using Kapenta for blogging etc. could be the way forward, as a niche product, only people with a personal score will want to hack it.

By: Ron Wertlen [permalink]
Posted: May 28th 2009 10:22

Some Cool Tools for the Mac

The latest Aqua version of OpenOffice, while retaining some bugs is really stable and a pleasure to use compared to the previous alpha version. I am using this version now for production type stuff and thus far nothing untoward has happened (save often though!). It is also much nicer than the X Windows based version.


This blog post was written using the Aqua Port of GNU Emacs What a great piece of software! It's emacs in all its splendour with mouse and full keyboard interaction (unlike the fink ports which I have on available on my terminal). Unfortunately I didn't note where I downloaded it.
By: Ron Wertlen [permalink]
Posted: July 16th 2007 03:57

Using iWeb to author a professional website

iWeb is an HTML authoring system meant for the home. Since it comes installed on some Mac OS X (macosx) systems, and since the other iLife applications were so simple to use, I decided to use it to create my web site. As expected, I had the website up and running in a few hours. I could really focus on creating content and was not obstructed at all by the technology!

When I decided to get dynamic using what other than PHP, I simply wrote some bash scripts using sed, the (in)famous stream editor, and regular expressions to automatically post-process the web pages once they had been published. That all works at the click of a button now and I am quite happy indeed.

I do have three wishes for iWeb though, which would help with SEO (search engine optimization):
  1. Support for H1, H2 headings

  2. ALT/TITLE tags for images

  3. And leaner more effective HTML code. Currently there is too much repetition.

By: Ron Wertlen [permalink]
Posted: April 3rd 2007 01:39

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