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Changing Perspectives

From this height, the Eastern Cape province is a frothy milky white plain, it is a convuluted dark ridged surface, hilly green and olive region bounded by the blue of the ocean, which stretches away to vanish into a wall of tall white clouds - clouds which seem to live here above the warmer waters of the tail of the Mozambique current. Although the perspective is unusual, the feeling for this piece of land is the same. I know what beauty lies down there below me. Even from up here it remains, but transformed. Now a golden fiery snake winds its way beneath. It's broad body is incandescent in the rising sun, twisting this way and that between what must be tall mountains, but seem to be bumps. It can only be the mighty Caledon, the other boundary of this region.

Beside the mighty river, hut roofs glint like diamonds. I am transported into a future where the inhabitants of these dwellings grow up knowing that they have a right to know, that they have the means to know and that they can know about all subjects of human knowledge. The economy that powers this knowledge is built to 95% on renewable energy. Photovoltaics have been revolutionised - their efficiency ratio is still not much above 12,5%, but they are manufactured from cheap plastics that are in turn derived from agricultural by-products and seed oils, right here in the Eastern Cape. These cheap cells are everywhere, and the plentiful sun of this area keeps the knowledge turning over. Solid state cells built of myriads of capacitors keep systems running over night, during darkness, etc. Or cheaper hydrogen cells which occasionally need to be watered, like crops. Even the aeroplane I am sitting in is run on a mixture of Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen all produced through the renewable power.

A future I look forward to and am building towards.

Posted: October 2nd 2008 05:53

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Ron Wertlen Ron Wertlen
Tablet Face Recognition Login
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Node.js stays close to its roots: Ultra-fast.
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Javascript Platforms for Development
Node.js is a new-comer on the Internet Web Server block. It is programmed in Javascript, and it is something worth watching in the ICT4D arena for these reasons: It runs on light-weight hardware, like the Raspberry Pi and requires much fewer hardware resources than traditional systems like apache, ...
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Innovation Made in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
A brand new 2012 CSIR research project into Technologies for Rural Education will make use of awareNet technology. The CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) is South Africa's first and largest technology innovation institution and very active in the development and rural development ...
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eKhaya ICT - Recalibration
eKhaya ICT has unveiled a new direction - as reflected in our current web site changes. What's changing?ICT for development -- our research over the past 5 years shows that this topic belongs firmly in the sociological and anthropological drawer and has nothing to do with software development! ...
by: Ron Wertlen

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