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Barack Obama: A New World Order

Anti-Luddite Blackberry wielding, information disseminating, marketing-savvy, open (as far as the military and dept of homeland security will allow), pro-people - did it take 8 years of the really rotten administration to make us appreciate what Barack Obama is doing? I don't think so. Barack Obama is not only the first African American president (a strong signal to Africa to awaken), he is also the first president who had to come to terms with an ever quickening wave of technology, that began in public (with the first PC) as he started his University career. His entire career as read in Wikipedia, seems to blossom out of working for social development and information (editor Harvard Law Review). Does it seem any wonder at all that the democrats website www.barackobama.com is entitled "Organizing for America"... an echo of Google's: "Organizing the world's information".

And indeed, in his first hundred days, Obama has shown that organising information channels and demanding transparency can speed processes tremendously. Finally the USA unites under a banner for social development. With the head-start and the capacity to single-handedly put mars rovers onto Mars, what else can the American people do when united under such a leader?

A great hope for all of us.

[PS. Of course, his career is also founded on Law. That is a tremendous change from his predecessor, who could not understand what it was good for. The law is so important because it removes power from instinct and subordinates it to common reason. Not one man's reason.]

Posted: April 29th 2009 07:08

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Ron Wertlen Ron Wertlen
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