We are looking forward to placing our considerable experience in the co-ordination of complex and innovative IT projects in the field of development or poverty-eradication at your disposal.

  1. Bullet  IT product management (e.g. IT product feasibility studies or IT product engineering).

  2. Bullet  Seminars, lecture series and talks

  3. Bullet  Professional appraisal / evaluation of existing IT departments, projects or products

Innovative software can make a difference in fighting poverty and if you are planning an IT-related project in this field, we would be very excited to help you make your project a resounding success. Our specialities are the application of search, statistical semantic analysis, P2P, Web 2.0, social software. Allow us to show you how these technologies can improve efficiency and productivity in any scenario.

Our Credentials

We have:

  1. Bullet  developed software in large several-million-hit-per-day systems at the largest portals in Germany, e.g. and

  2. Bullet  co-ordinated and worked on funded European and German national projects involving  large consortia, e.g. Germany’s National Research and Education Network (DFN), the Federal Ministry of Education and Reasearch (BMBF) and the Central Subsidy Institution of the Federal Land of Berlin (IBB)

  3. Bullet  and held talks on innovative technologies and the future of internet computing in several European countries, at conferences, business seminars (public and private) and governmental think tanks, e.g. the Federal Energy Agency of Germany.

For more information about how we do business and what we believe please read this.

Software Development

We are a platform independent developer, concentrating on technologies that are open and which cross the boundaries between Linux and Microsoft systems (e.g. web services). We are expert in using the following development languages for server side and off-line tools:

  1. Bullet Java and JSP development

  2. Bullet PHP

  3. Bullet C++

Our credo is “release early, release often”. This ensures that:

  1. Bullet basic functionality can be tested early,

  2. Bullet a rapid response to the requirements of our projects is guaranteed,

  3. Bullet costs are minimised,

  4. Bullet and our customers always have something useful on hand.

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