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Products Roadmap

Product Roadmap

We know that innovation and lateral thinking are often at odds with an orderly business plan. But there must always be some kind of Roadmap or set of Goals, even if only to inform us that the landscape has changed again, to shift the goalposts another 125cm to the left.


awarenet has been in use for 3 years. Around 10 schools in Grahamstown and Joza log in regularly and work on projects together. Other NGOs in the educational sector also make use of the awarenet platform for their purposes.

Accredited 3rd party content has been integrated into awarenet, e.g. KhanLite and cMinds. awarenet can be accessed via a mobile phone browser. Users can login using pictures instead of characters for their password - a truly African innovation!

This year, we are working on an easy installation of awarenet on any linux server (debian package).

Product management and code are at:

Steps that we have completed:
  • 2007/2008 - Requirements Engineering and Feasibility. For instance our white paper on innovative ICT4D.
  • 2008 H1 - Prototype Construction
  • 2008 H2 - Alpha Release:  installation at the solar computer schools network at Nkwalini / Tafalehashi.
  • 2009 - Beta Release: during 2009, awarenet was installed on the Amazon EC2 service, for flexible service of the Internet in industrialised countries.  Simultaneously, access to more populous disadvantaged regions in peri-urban areas is under way.
  • 2010 - Attain a working network of several awarenet nodes - prove sustainability and usefulness.
  • The community momentum begun in 2010 was continued through to 2011 and is still the focus.
  • 2011 - Testing of mobile servers on laptops that can roam from school lab to school lab and provide access to awarenet for training without the need for Internet.
  • 2011 - Improvements to peer network infrastructure to efficiently support real-time chat across low-bandwidth connections.
  • 2011 - awarenet Standalone Installer for Microsoft Windows
  • 2011 - awarenet Content Package for Standalone
  • 2012 - experimental awarenet mobile system 
  • 2012 - enhanced end-user testing in the township of Grahamstown
  • 2012 - awareNet is live and has been released in it's third incarnation with all new internals
  • 2013 - awarenet is now available for tablet based classrooms
  • 2013 - 3rd party content (movies and games) was integrated into awarenet (KaLite, cMinds)
  • 2013 - a new innovative login feature using pictures instead of characters was developed and integrated

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