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We are a small family friendly business yet collaborating with international teams. We use cutting edge technologies to develop truly innovative Internet software. We are very passionate about our work and our products. 

We believe that good work is a result of using the right technologies, communicating well and delivering great service on time. At the same time, we respect individual differences and needs and always try to find solutions that accommodate all staff. We expect everyone to be flexible, to be able to work in a team as well as independently and responsibly (telework) while we offer time for your family and your hobbies.

We develop world class software while contributing back to our local community. We believe in education and have a lot of experience in ICT for development in rural and underprivileged communities.


We see innovative local products entering the global market and performing well to help us promote a new industry in our region. We see us improving the performance of our local customers and their businesses through these successes! 


We aim to see our customers goals as our goals. This allows us to build relationships over time and to outperform in terms of price, quality and time to delivery.


If you require particular sensitivity to development with ICT in rural and underprivileged communities, we have been innovating in that sector since 2008 and we work closely together with local NGOs.

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eKhaya ICT is an Eastern Cape based software company, specialising in quality solutions and software components of ICT4D.

9 Florence Street
South Africa
Tel: +27 79 4354681
Fax: +27 46 6227507
www: ekhayaict.com
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